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Handcrafted designs are like flowers, pretty to look at,

but most enjoyed when shared with someone you love."


My story begins with the inheritance of a simple fortune of artistic talent and handcrafting abilities. Watching my parents create was inspiring! I learned early on how to see the potential in the simple things and capture the beauty that surrounds me. 


This heritage of creating was passed down to my parents by their mothers, my grandmothers, Eveleth and Rose.  These two savy women taught both my sister and I how to sew, gifts we will forever treasure. Along with those lessons came stories and memories that have been woven into my own life. As a nod to my grandmothers, I created Evie and Rose. 


Some of my earliest memories are of my hard-working parents and grand-mothers blending, tending, or mending something. Their hands were their tools and pieces they created hold sweet memories that still make me smile. As I share my art and stories with you, I hope that you will be inspired to make them a part of your story and use them to create memories you can share with others.



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